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Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The most important chart is your Natal Chart. Is there potential for love or a promise from Venus that love is in your life?

Next, you will compare the Synastry Chart make sure you find cross aspects (double whammies), which means every planet or at least every personal planet should be aspecting on both sides.

Above all else in Synastry is the Sun & Moon

The Male Sun must make a positive aspect with the Female Sun. In a same sex relationship, the dominant partner's Sun must make a positive aspect. Without this aspect, use caution*

Top Aspects:

Male Sun conjunct Female Moon (important)

Moon trine moon

Moon conjunct Moon

Moon opposition Moon (minor)

Venus conjunct Venus

Venus conjunct Mars (important)

Venus square Mars

Venus opposition Mars

Mercury aspect any planet

Mars conjunct any planet except Pluto

North & South node connections

Pay close attention to mars aspects and house overlays 1st 8th & 12th house must be evaluated. Mars will activate your partner's passions

Eros conjunct any planet

Psyche conjunct any planet

Trines are nice but conjunctions will always be better

Next is the composite chart:

There must be a Stellium (must) at least 1

The stellium should not involve Mars (use caution)

Conjunctions and trines to the north node at least 1

Squares to the north node indicate problems at the start of the relatioship

Juno conjunctions positive

Juno conjunct Jupiter can point to cheating

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Ashish Saxena
Ashish Saxena
Nov 09, 2022

Thanks for sharing notes Miah Lyons

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